b. 1986, HK.

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My name is Austin Linkinhoker. I am an artist / designer / illustrator / animator / maker from Austin, TX. I graduated from UT Austin with a BFA in Design. During my 5 years at UT I had a well rounded design education where I learned UI UX design thinking, the social impact of design, screen printing, HTML / CSS coding, letter press printing, and so much more. 

Since a child, I have always been creatively inclined. Illustrations have always been a passion of mine. I was influenced by comics and cartoons - this resulted in my cartoony style of drawing and animating. I like to use bold lines and solid areas of bright colors to create compositions that reflect who I am.

In my post college life, I am a freelance illustrator and I'm teaching myself how to make hand drawn animations. My overall goal is to support myself as an animator and illustrator. I want to create my own shows and comics to bring my creativity and joy to as many people as possible.